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Scott Z. Burns

directed by - Steven Soderbergh

average rating - 6,9 / 10 star

country - USA

reviews - Beth Emhoff (Gwenyth Paltrow) returns from a business trip to Hong Kong with a stop over at the Chicago airport, where she has sex with her former lover. Beth feels ill, but thinks the problem is jet leg. She travels back home to Minneapolis and spreads the virus to her son Clark and her husband, Mitch. When Beth and Clark die, Mitch goes in quarantine where the doctors realise he is immune to the mysterious virus. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, London and in a small province, cases of the mystery illness are cropping up, as the American CDC and the World Health Organization give their best effort researching the virus. A race against the clock begins, as the virus is spreading in a geometric progression, and if no solution is found - very fast - humanity will cease to be

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This is so good, hot damn.

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Contagion movie summary. I touch my hair 12-13 times a week, and i'm a man. I watched this in my Earth and Environmental class. Contagion the movie. This movie felt so long and boring. I've been watching for 1 hour now, feels like forever. He should have stayed home. Its underrated. Contagion. People need to understand that they're very talented and capable musicians. I would be a waste if they don't experiment and if they just keep making the same music all over the years by repetition. This is Muse EVOLVING, and I personally dont think they've reached their top level. Try to enjoy this guys. Contagion trailer. When you play On Casual and Evolve Drug Resistance and DNA Reshuffle. Contagion online.

Not a bad movie for sure. It is not entirely "hollywoodish" and it does not keep you tense as Nolan movies do, but it is definitely not bad. when I read the reviews I was expecting a really bad ending for it but for me it was only realistic. No drama, no big revealing, it was as it should be watching it through. If you want excitement find something else to watch but if you think about spending some time in the weekend it is a choice. The cast is,well no need for my opinion, just great, and is one to my liking, so it gives a big plus. I am a huge fan of Matt Damon and even though he is not given the chance to show the real thing here I still say that he did a good job. What I really found interesting analyzing the cast is that female characters are well chosen here and they deliver the role they were chosen for. Oh, and from where I stand editing is also good. Do not expect any "dark knights" and "28 days" and any other stuff like that and at the end you will surely like this movie.

0:44 Pressure building. Why can't they invent a shot that keeps time from passing? The shot your looking for was already invented in 1874. It's called Heroin.

Touches and coughs everywhere 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️

Contagion 2011 full movie. Contagion movie. Contagion full movie 2011. 1:46 OMG SMALL LITTLE HAZMAT PEOPLE ARE SO CUTE. Contagion full movie مترجم. Contagious. 0/10 Movie unrealistic 1:28 Madagascar never gets infected. Contagion subs. Contagiosum. Contagion 2011 trailer. Contagion summary. Contagion full movie english subtitles. Contagion reddit. Contagion economy. Came here straight after the ‘Pressure video - anyone else. Contagion vr outbreak. Contagion definition. Contagion vr. Contagion hulu. Your wife is dead Can i talk to her. You can pretty much expect a good movie from Soderbergh. This wasn't great but it was definitely watchable. Nothing blockbuster about it, not worth paying full admission price for, but if you're into this type of movie, you won't be bored. You'll be entertained. It does its job on that front but nothing happens that's so big or major to tell you to run out and see it and shell your money out for it. Matt Damon is pretty solid with his acting as always. I'd have thought they'd explore the subplot of him being immune to the virus a little more than they did. They could have did the same for the fact that his wife was cheating on him. We find these things out pretty quick but none of that exposition is really used to move the film along like it could have been. Would have been an extra layer the film could have benefited from.
What it's really all about is simple: what happens when a new virus is introduced to humans. This showed everything from start to finish but not necessarily in that order. Some people, hell, MOST people will get lost in all the terminology because it has a layer of intelligence to it. If you don't know or understand what they're saying on screen, then you'll be lost and you'll lose interest. You gotta have a brain to follow and truly understand this movie and that might contribute to it not being as successful as it could be. At the same time, for you smart folks out there who avoid dumbed down American cinema, this might be something you'll enjoy. Something to get you back into a movie theater. No explosions, special effects, or car chases like the typical movie-goer needs to enjoy a movie.
Jude Law played a hypocrite but said a lot of conspiracy theory talk that rings true. Not all disease is natural. A lot of them are man-made and exist solely for people to profit from the sale of vaccines and other drugs. Jude's character touched on these subjects but to my knowledge, no movie or documentary I've ever seen has put that subject on the forefront. In a world where more people are dumber, poorer, and unhealthier than ever, it's time to shed more light on these things.
Some people have said this movie is racist towards the Chinese. If the filmmakers had chosen any other race, some idiot out there would say it's racist towards them too. People, it's a movie! I've heard other people talk about how utterly horrible this movie is. This movie wasn't made for certain types of people but the trailer was made in such a way to get their money. I like how they kinda worked backwards in showing how the disease began. The last scene tells the tale.
Overall, the acting and storytelling is solid. It's a rundown of how the government and the public reacts to outbreaks and how they spread. It wasn't anything over the top but I'd say it's a somewhat realistic portrayal of how such events would take place. Trailers make it seem like this is some sort of post-apocalyptic movie but it's not. Not even close. I think this movie could have been even more accurate with an R rating and a longer runtime. Some people will be offended by the references and portrayals of animal testing. The solution to that? Human testing. Doesn't make sense to test human drugs and products on anything other than who it's meant to be used for. Spare the animals and use people as guinea pigs instead of actual guinea pigs. It wasn't thoroughly explored what the effect on the animal population was in the movie. It never is, is it? Animals spread disease, we kill them en masse. When humans spread disease why don't we do the same thing? Too many of us as it is. Sometimes a cure isn't the cure to what ails us.
I give Contagion 6 out of 10 stars because it could have been so much more if there was a more defined and dramatic subplot. As it stands, you're just watching the path of a disease from creation to immunization on the human population. This could have been a close to 3 hour epic but that ain't what they were going for and that ain't what it is. It's not as thought provoking as it could be either but it is entertaining for those with the right mindset. Your time won't be wasted. There is no big payoff other than seeing how the disease came to be. That part alone shows the simplicity of how death perpetuates itself. Not much to say for the characters. Everyone did their part but the disease, the plot, is what drives this movie. The disease is the star.

Contagion effect. Contagion full movie in hindi watch online. Contagion full movie online. Contagion soundtrack. Axonek3 you Arabic. Contagion game. Contagion watch online. Contagion book. Contagion scene. Contagion fmovies. I didn't like this song when I first heard it. But then for some reason, I came to the realization that this song was amazing. Contagion imdb. Contagion italiano. This game is dead now. Contagion movie trailer. Anyone else first watch this movie in health class? Made people in my class use hand sanitizer for weeks afterwards.

What do you mean “thats all that we have time for” it was a five minute video. Contagion in prussia 1831. Contagion movie in hindi. Contagion online free. Contagion tv show. Wow, that movie was sick. Contagion full movie with english subtitles. Ive been searching for this one 😃 thanks for uploading well done mate👍👍. Contagion was a bit of a mixed bag for me. The cast was stellar but under used, the plot was very predictable and characterisation was frustrating.
However the movie does have some highlights. The music does a great job of adding tension, which is very important as the screen writing didn't have any by itself. The lighting and general cinematography were also well executed, with a very exaggerated colour palette providing emotional depth or definition in an otherwise boring and flat movie.
All in all, watch it to enjoy the great direction by Steven Soderbergh, as he did the best he could with the awful screen writing and unoriginal plot ideas.


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